Frequently Asked Questions

What is Money Earned®?

Money Earned is a new benefit that allows access to money you have already earned during a current pay period. Take care of an unexpected bill, avoid late fees on payments and eliminate overdraft fees with your Money Earned card.

How does Money Earned work?

By interfacing with your company's time and attendance and payroll systems, we calculate your next wages any time you request a Money Earned. You can access up to 50% of your net wages for whatever needs you may have.

How do I use Money Earned?

Once you've signed up, requested and activated your Money Earned debit card, you can "push/transfer" up to 50% of what you've earned directly to your Money Earned debit card;. You can use your card to purchase items anywhere, including the Money Earned app.

How does Money Earned settle?

Any Money Earned transactions done during your pay period show as a deduction on your check stub statement. That's all. It's already paid. No loans, no rollover and you now have access to your funds for next pay period. It's that easy.

I punched out and my balance did not change, why?

Updates are done every four (4) hours. Tap the blue Money Earned Balance area at the top of the screen to see the last update. The next update will be four (4) hours from that.

How long will it take for my Money Earned request to load to my Money Earned card?

Typically, all Money Earned requests load to the Money Earned cards in under a minute. Most times in under 30 seconds.

Is Money Earned just for hourly employees?

No. Money Earned can be offered to Hourly, Non-Exempt and Exempt employees.

I just started working and my employer has Money Earned. How long before I can start using Money Earned?

Typically, you will begin to see your Money Earned available balance when you start your second pay period with your company unless otherwise determined by your employer.

Where and when can I access Money Earned?

Money Earned can be accessed through your mobile phone, anytime and anywhere you have internet cell coverage. So whether at work, home or traveling, it’s always there for you.

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